Birthstone Rings

 There are twelve months in a year. The birthstone corresponding to each month is different and the meaning it represents is also different.

  The garnet as the birthstone of January represents friendship, chastity and loyalty.

The amethyst as the birthstone of February. Purple is a noble color that has always been loved by everyone. Amethyst has all the charm and qualities of purple. It is known as the stone of honesty. It symbolizes honesty. Wearing amethyst can make people calm.

  The aquamarine as the birthstone of March,it symbolizes bravery, happiness, composure and longevity.

The diamond as the birthstone of April symbolize happiness, purity, chastity and many other beautiful meanings.

  The emerald as the birthstone in May is the stone of happiness and a commemorative gift for the 55th anniversary of marriage.Emerald is one of the top five gems in the world.

  The pearl and moonstone are the birthstone of June.The pearl symbolizes many good meanings such as peace and auspiciousness, happiness and warmth.Moonstone symbolizes happiness, longevity, health and wealth.

  The ruby as the birthstone of July symbolizes love, power, and steadfastness.

The Olivineas the birthstone of August.Ancient Egypt believed that olivine was a sun gem.

  The sapphire as a birthstone in September symbolizes loyalty and love.

The tourmaline and opal are the birthstone of October.Tourmaline has a variety of colors. It is a kind of mixed gemstone. It is called a rainbow falling from the sky.Opal is known as the palette of gems, you can see the color of the gems from Opal with a special color change effect.

The topaz as the birthstone of November symbolizes happiness, harmony and friendship.

The turquoise and tanzanite are the birthstone of December.Turquoise is a symbol of good luck, success and victory. Tanzanite is very similar to sapphire.

Post time: May-19-2020